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Adults practicing self-defense

Adult Karate

Learn Self-Defense

Improve fitness

   Relieve Stress

Children practicing Karate basics

Children’s Martial Arts

Learn Self-Defense

Gain Discipline and Focus

Be more active

Women practicing sparring

Women’s Self-Defense

Learn Effective Self-Defense

Gain Confidence

Develop physical and mental strength

The  Only Traditional Karate in Gainesville, Georgia and Flowery Branch/Braselton

A Different Approach

Hall County Karate teaches Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch the way it was originally taught–for the purposes of effective, efficient self-defense.  We don’t teach Karate for sport or show, and only practice martial arts that have proven effective for over 500 years.


Martial Arts for Everyone

regardless of age, size, fitness level, anyone can practice Karate.  Beginner Karate classes build the strength, flexibility, and stamina needed for the advanced classes.  If you’re looking to get fit, but need to ease into heavier workouts, Karate is perfect for you.  Students can begin as young as six, and people as old as 80 have started Karate and made their way to black belt.


Reasonable pricing

Hall County Karate in Flowery Branch has worked with Hall County to provide classes well below other martial arts schools in Flowery Branch and Gainesville.  We don’t force students into contracts, and we work with families to provide discount rates.  Our goal is to offer martial arts to the Gainesville and Flowery Branch communities.


Our History

Hall County Karate was founded by Sensei Todd Irvine in 2013 after he had spent over 27 years studying Karate and other traditional Japanese and Okinawan Martial Arts. 
Sensei Irvine founded Hall County Karate in Gainesville, Georgia to promote a more traditional approach to teaching Karate.  In 2017, we moved Hall County Karate to the Flowery Branch/Braselton, GA communities. 
Hall County Karate teaches Shito-Ryu Karate-do, one of the four original and largest styles of Karate in Japan.  Although some modern ideas are incorporated in training, HCK believes strongly in the traditional purpose of Karate:  to train in highly effective self-defense techniques and to strive for the perfection of character. 
Karate has a very old and rich history.  If you want to find out more about Karate or Hall County Karate, use the link below for more detail.