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The only traditional Japanese Martial Arts in Gainesville, GA

Traditional Martial Arts in Gainesville, GA and Flowery Branch

About Hall County Karate in Flowery Branch–


Hall County Karate began teaching traditional martial arts in Gainesville, GA in 2013 after he had spent over 30 years studying Karate and other traditional Japanese and Okinawan Martial Arts.  Sensei Irvine founded Hall County Karate to offer true traditional martial arts in Gainesville, Georgia   In 2017, Hall County Karate began offering classes in the Flowery Branch/Braselton, GA communities. 
Hall County Karate teaches Shito-Ryu Karate-do, one of the four original and largest styles of Karate in Japan.  Although some modern ideas are incorporated in training, HCK believes strongly in the traditional purpose of Karate:  to train in highly effective self-defense techniques and to strive for the perfection of character. 
Karate has a very old and rich history.  If you want to find out more about Karate or Hall County Karate, use the links to the right for more detail.

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Flowery Branch’s Only Traditional Karate Classes and Traditional Martial Arts in Gainesville, GA

Our traditional Karate classes in Flowery Branch continue a tradition of simple and effective self-defense that has lasted for hundreds of years.  we maintain the original purpose of Karate instruction as the heart of our karate classes.  

While our focus on self-defense in class will always remain our primary purpose, we also reap several other benefits through our martial arts training.  Our martial arts classes will provide several rewards for everyone, regardless of age or gender.  

Traditional martial arts classes always begin and end with a show of respect.  This level of respect can, for example, show how children’s karate classes will also lead to better grades for children in school.  

Our traditional martial arts classes require a high level of discipline and focus to effectively learn self-defense.  While we focus on self-defense in class, we have to develop the mental focus to do so.  This discipline can improve every aspect of a Karate student’s life, whether that means an improvement in school or an adult Karate student’s improved focus at work.

To maximize your self-defense class, you also have to build your physical strength.  A martial arts class will require you to stay fit and to build strength to apply and perfect techniques.  As you build strength, your martial arts class will also help with all of your fitness goals, such as losing weight.

Regardless of your goals for yourself or for your child, Karate can help you to realize them, while also instilling valuable abilities to defend yourself.


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No matter how you excel in the art of β€œTi” (Okinawan precursor to Karate), and in your scholastic endeavors, nothing is more important than your behavior and humanity as observed in daily life.” β€“ Junsoku Uekata, 1683