Karate Classes at Mulberry Creek Community Center

Traditional Karate Classes in Flowery Branch Georgia, and Convenient to Gainesville

Join our Karate classes at Fitness 1440.  Our Karate classes serve our nearby communities of Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Braselton, and Gainesville, GA.  Take a look at our self-defense programs here.

3908 Winder Highway, Flowery Branch, GA  30542



Hall County Karate Dojo

Karate classes at Mulberry Creek Community Center

Hall County Karate offers traditional Karate classes in Flowery Branch, and remain near to communities in South Hall County.  We have partnered with the Hall County Department of Parks and Leisure to provide great facilities, greater access to traditional martial arts for our community, and an affordable martial arts class. 

Our Karate classes are convenient to Flowery Branch,  Oakwood, Braselton, and Gainesville, Georgia.  We have Karate classes convenient to Buford, GA.  

Our facilities

By partnering with Hall County Parks and Leisure, we can offer our Karate classes at affordable rates while having use of the best facilities available.

Our facilities at the Mulberry Creek Recreation Center provide for a comfortable area for parents and family, more-than-adequate parking, and handicap accessibility.  

In addition to our martial arts classes, our students may also find that the services available through Mulberry Creek Recreation Center can fit a full range of their fitness needs at prices much better than for-profit facilities (contact the Recreation Center for more information)

Partnering with our Community

Hall County Karate exists to serve its community.  We provide traditional Karate by partnering with Hall County Parks and Leisure to better serve our neighbors in our home town.  

Our instructors all live in Flowery Branch and other communities in the area and teach martial arts to offer self-defense classes to our neighbors.

Our chief instructor strongly believes in service to his community, beginning his career in the Marine Corps, and continuing with his current career as an educator in Hall County.