Traditional Karate classes in Flowery Branch

If you want Karate classes for kids or adults, Hall County Karate teaches the only traditional Japanese Karate in the Gainesville, GA area. We have located our Karate classes in Flowery Branch, convenient to all of the communities in South Hall County.

Karate originally began as a means of self-defense, and we continue to teach martial arts for self-defense.  

Karate class practicing basic punches

Flexible for Your Needs

While we teach Karate for self-defense, you will get several other benefits from martial arts.  improved fitness, better focus and discipline, self-confidence, and stress relief all stem from the study of martial arts.  

If your goals are to lose weight, or for your children to do better in school, Karate classes will help you reach your goals.  But, you will learn a useful skill at the same time.


Kanji symbols for Karate do

Martial Arts Classes for Adults, Children, and Women

  • Children’s classes: Our children’s Karate classes begin at age six.  Our children learn self-defense, but also gain confidence and focus.  We focus efforts on improving discipline, preventing bullying, and learning respect for our children.
  • Adult Karate: Adult Karate classes teach self-defense strategies for the most likely forms of assault.  We also focus on building fitness gradually, so adults of any fitness level can benefit from martial arts from their first class.  
  • Women’s Self-defense: Although women are in the same classes as men, we do focus on the specific types of attacks that women may face.  Our women’s self-defense strategies focus on defending against attackers who are often larger than their victims.
  • Classes for all ages and fitness levels: People have actually begun their martial arts instruction as late as age 80.  We have worked with people well over 300 pounds, people with physical disabilities, and people with learning disabilities, and all have benefitted from their Karate experiences.  We can work with almost anyone to craft a program that will take their individual needs and goals into account.  

Man and woman practicing kata

Adult Karate

Karate class for children practicing basics

Children’s Karate

Traditional women's Karate in Flowery Branch

Women’s Self-Defense

Man and woman practicing kata

Benefits of Karate Classes for Adults

  • An adult can burn 1,000 calories during an hour-long Karate class.  
  • Many people see significant weight loss during their first six months of Karate classes.
  • Every one of the more than 600 muscles in the body will get used during a Karate class.
  • Increased flexibility gained in Karate classes can help prevent injuries.
  • Gain these benefits while learning a self-defense system that has proven effective for 500 years.



Karate class for children practicing basics

Karate Classes for Kids in Gainesville, GA

For any child, learning to defend themselves can be very important.  But our Karate classes for kids in Gainesville, GA offer many other benefits to children, including:

  • Learning self-esteem and self-confidence that comes with having to earn their rank.
  • Children who study Karate a much less likely to be bullied, or to become bullies themselves.
  • Children’s school grades and class behavior become better as they learn respect and self-confidence.
  • Improved focus and self-control.
  • Developing their social skills with other children in a disciplined atmosphere.
  • Learning to push beyond their limitations.
  • Developing good fitness habits at an early age so that it becomes a habit.

Women in Karate Class

Women’s Self-Defense

  • For women, learning the art of self-defense empowers them with confidence, knowledge, and determination.
  • Karate can help you get into shape.  Besides achieving goals such as losing weight and gaining strength, Karate focuses on strengthening the core, helps ward off scoliosis, and improves posture.
  • Karate classes will reduce your stress.  Martial arts require a clear and relaxed mind and body and will help free you from both physical and mental stress.
  • Girls can get the same benefits in our Karate classes for kids in Gainesville, GA.

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